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All courses are presented by Yolanda Koumidou, LCSW unless otherwise stated.
Yolanda conducts the courses in a captivating, down-to-earth, light, and inviting style.

Most of the courses are offered in the comfort of your home on the zoom platform.
A few are offered in-person during the summer and fall at The Koumidou Retreat Center, upstate New York.

Courses at offsite facilities: All course work listed is also available on a flexible basis offered at your organization or facility by special
arrangement. If you would like us to travel to your area for a presentation, please contact The Koumidou Center here

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Course Descriptions


36 Hour Training in the Method of Voice Dialogue

36 CE credits / 36 CASAC Hours
Voice Dialogue, based on the theory of the Psychology of Selves, is a method by which we contact the many different sub-personalities or “selves” residing in our psyche impacting our lives. It is a highly effective tool that allows psychotherapists to rapidly gain awareness of their clients’ inner selves and guide their journey toward conscious living. The method broadens the practitioner’s skills to enhance decision making abilities in their clients by helping them identify which part of their personality is making the decisions. Insights and behavioral realizations achieved while using this technique are permanent; it is very difficult to regress to a lesser state of awareness. An additional benefit of this tool is that it can be incorporated in any other psychological system. The method of Voice Dialogue was created by the internationally renowned psychologists Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone and practiced around the world.

NEW: Contemplative Dialogue: A Transformational Psychotherapeutic Tool for Enhancing Client Relationships

This course is a practical introduction to Contemplative Dialogue. This practice focuses on ways to improve the awareness of one’s own filters, assumptions and blind spots when engaging in dialogue with others - even during those times of major differences of opinion. With a clearer intention to understand and with more freedom of choice as to how we “show up” and respond, this practice is not about reaching agreement but rather about cultivating a more non- defended presence which results in a deeper, more trusting, and transformative relationship and connection with the client.

Some of the learning topics to be presented are as follows:
• Cultivating Authentic Presence
• Understanding Ladder of Inference
• Freedom and Awareness
• Telling the Truth with Compassion
• Engaging with a Non- Defended Stance
• Active Noticing / Mindfulness

The Use of Meditation in Psychotherapy

Research has proven and demonstrated the positive affects meditation has in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. In this course we will explore various methods of meditation and demonstrate ways to incorporate them in the psycho therapeutic work with clients.

The Use of Meditation in Psychotherapy

Research has proven and demonstrated the positive affects meditation has in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. In this course we will explore various methods of meditation and demonstrate ways to incorporate them in the psycho therapeutic work with clients.

The Voice Dialogue Method, an Introduction

Voice Dialogue is a method that can help clients become aware of the many different parts of their personality residing in the psyche, how they affect their decision making and how to consciously choose from the strengths and limitations of these various parts. The main goal of this method is the development of a process by which a client can separate from and embrace the many parts of their personality thus expanding their inner landscape of who they are and their choices when making decisions.

Understanding and Supporting Transgender Clients and their Families

Many transgender individuals avoid seeking therapy due to a lack of awareness and information about the transgender culture. This course is targeted to help clinicians become culturally competent by understanding the role of gender and sexual orientation within the transgender population. Topics include gender dysphoria, hormone replacement therapy, family & social adjustments, risks associated with the population, and current trends of the LGBTQ community.
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"Whether in conference, therapeutic, or classroom setting, Yolanda Koumidou is informative, intuitive and inspiring." – Alice Scourby, PhD, Chair, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Long Island University
"I have had the pleasure of attending several of Yolanda’s trainings and she is exceptional. She is very knowledgeable about the subject matter, always providing vignettes, techniques and tools. A very engaging, energetic and interesting speaker who encourages audience participation. I would recommend her trainings to all my colleagues without hesitation." – Anita Mancini, LCSW
"Yolanda Koumidou is an enthusiastic, exciting, and knowledgeable teacher. She has studied Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of the Selves with us for many years and we are happy to recommend her work - both as a teacher and as a therapist." – Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, creators of Voice Dialogue
"A beautiful enriched experience that took me on a journey which highlighted how psychology and spirituality intertwine." – Marshalee Brown, LMSW
"Working with Voice Dialogue has helped me manage myself more effectively; learn my assets, blind spots and hidden biases. It raised the volume on my inner voices; gave me a respect for the many facets of my personality and brought me to greater balance." – Mary Adamo, MSEd, SPHR, Director, Leadership, Human Resources
"Yolanda Koumidou has an exceptional ability to present complex topics in a clear manner. The blend of experiential, psychological and spiritual concepts of the Psychology of the Selves breaths life to the material, gathering it all in a comprehensive whole." – R. Gasparik, LCSW
"Yolanda's message is clear, unflinching, and convincingly optimistic. She is a therapeutic force to behold." – Richard Hoetzel, MD, Psychiatrist
"Yolanda creates a dynamic workshop packed with her remarkable insights into the links between the wisdom of certain spiritual teachings and the Theory of Psychology of the Selves. Her discussions are useful as well in deepening the understanding of curative factors found in other theories and techniques of psychotherapy." – S. Perkins, LCSW
"...In my almost 40 years in social work practice, this training was the most dynamic and impactful of any training over the years. Yolanda brings deep passion and expert leadership to her work. Participants cannot be disappointed; but forever changed by her training..." – Sherry Fraser, LCSW
"This training will take you on a self-awareness journey that will have a tremendous impact on how you view yourself and how you relate to others in your personal and business relationships." – SL, Attorney
"I had one of the best experiences in my career. The combination of teaching and nature was an excellent component. I never expected to learn so much in these last three days. The different exercises, even when challenging, were instrumental in learning and appreciating the material." – W. Rodriguez, LCSW
"Profound spiritual experience that put me on a path of more in depth learning for my personal and professional life. Eternally grateful." – Yana Gaykov, LCSW